ORA Ethical Fashion is a Melbourne-based ethical clothing label advocating for ethical and sustainable fashion and women’s empowerment globally. Our garments are designed here in Melbourne and handcrafted by a local community of women in Jodhpur, Northern India, using ethically and sustainably sourced Indian fabrics.

Our philosophy is to connect our wearers to their garment.

We provide every customer with details of their garment's story, from the type of organic cotton fibres used to the set of hands who crafted it.

Firstly, the women of WomenWeave hand spin (Khadi) organic cotton using naturally-sourced AZO free dye. Women Weave are an NGO in Maheshwar, Central India, working toward making handloom a profitable and income-earning activity.

Secondly, the women crafting our garments are a part of Sambhali Trust, a women’s empowerment NGO providing education to women and children of Rajasthan, India. Sambhali supports them in developing confidence and self-esteem, and helps them work towards financial independence.

In collaboration with Sambhali and WomenWeave we want to give our buyers the chance to know the hands and faces behind their clothing. In doing so, we wish to create an awareness of the detrimental humanitarian and environmental impacts of the ‘fast fashion’ industry. Every garment has a history: it is up to the customer which history they choose.