Grace Dee Macauley

I was born and raised in Melbourne. In July 2014 I completed a Bachelor of International Development at La Trobe University, majoring in gender studies and global anthropology. This degree motivated me to complete an internship at Sambhali Trust in Northern India.

My inspiration for ORA began during my four months at Sambhali. While there I taught English to an incredible group of women and girls and I was inspired by the beauty and spirit of all the women I was lucky enough to meet. Most of them were from the Dalit community of Jodphur (the lowest caste), meaning they were invariably subjected to a life of subordination and inequality. But I could see that this had not broken their spirit to learn, grow and prosper as individuals and as women.

Their talent for sewing and embroidery was remarkable and I wanted more people to appreciate the extraordinary work they were doing. Like many people I know,  my personal weakness has always been for shopping. But when I returned to Australia and began researching the fashion industry I saw the true story behind many of the clothes we wear.

With ORA I want to take people on a journey: to reconnect wearers to makers and to inspire buyers to value the craft of each item. Finally, by keeping prices affordable I hope to also reach as wide an audience as possible, so that we can all appreciate wearing a garment whose story we know.

Photo taken at Brothers for Sisters Empowerment, Sambhali Trust, Johphur, India.


The team behind the creativity and design of ORA.


Erika Russo  Fashion Designer

Jake Allan Graphic Designer

Emily Weaving Photographer

Zoe Marron Davies Model

Elle Pallet Model