We design

Our garments are locally designed with the environmentally-aware and fashion-conscious woman in mind.
We then send our finalised designs to Sambhali Trust in Jodhpur, India.

They create

We then employ the women of Sambhali Trust’s Graduate Sewing Centre to produce each garment with precision and skill.
These high-quality garments are then shipped to our office in Melbourne.

You purchase

We then sell these garments via our website, at markets and through boutique stores throughout the Melbourne area.

They benefit

From each item sold 20% of the overall profits is returned to the women who made it. This money is sent monthly to Sambhali Trust who can then use it at their discretion according to areas of most need. This can range from: paying emergency family medical bills, helping with children’s school scholarships, purchasing new sewing equipment or further expanding and/or developing current projects.