Sambhali Trust is a non-profit organisation based in Jodphur, India. They are fighting against India’s entrenched discrimination towards women by providing marginalized women and children with an education and the means to become financially independent. One of their principal ideas is to provide vocational and sewing training to acquire the skills to be employed and/or to manufacture items they can eventually sell.

Sambhali means the ‘Rising of the Deprived Women’ and is based on a personal and needs-based approach to fulfill the needs of the women and girls who come to Sambhali for help. Sambhali believes that awareness is the beginning of all change.


‘Throughout all projects, the main aim of Sambhali Trust is to improve gender equality; to make women become independent in decision-making and looking after themselves and their families. Besides offering a vocational training in sewing and embroidery skills and teaching them Hindi, English and Maths, every participant is known to us personally; their reasons for coming to Sambhali and how we can help them through training with the increased potential of earning an income through their improved skills’

Govind Singh Rathore (Founder, Sambhali Trust)

Photographs by Emily Weaving